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To learn about the horses or mules we have for adoption; or to learn about the Lease/Learn/Love Program, rescue, training, special presentations or programs or other educational outreach, please contact us at: 406.880.0683 or by email – or We’re here to help! (By the way, the photos are from left to right: Janet with her best gal pal Lily, Stacey with the late Cody, a rescue who was retired at Horse Haven, and one of our volunteers. What was he doing you ask? We like to expose horses to everything imaginable. In the case of the last photo, it’s bubble wrap. Every kind of exposure for a horse is good!

Horse Transport

Horse Haven Montana is located near Huson, Montana

Please Note: If you need a horse transported or require horse hauling of any kind, there are several professional individuals and companies that we work with whom we would recommend. They provide excellent services and are always very professional, have the utmost concern for the horses they are moving and understand horses well. We feel this is extremely important when a horse is going to a new home and how they handle the horses in their care is our number one concern. Because we are a rescue and adoption organization, these horse haulers also try to provide the most reasonable price possible when transporting.

Please call us and we will be happy to provide their contact information as well as private individuals who try to help out with horse rescue/adoption transport simply for the love of the horses.

15 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I am Terry Jackson, I live in Circle Montana not sure if you ever need foster places for horses over here on the eastern half but I am willing to foster, I have 30 acres with loafing sheds and a 3 stall barn, I usually hay my place so have winter feed,I have a livestock well that never has frozen so always access to water, right now I have 5 mini donkeys(all rescues) .. Just wanted to let you know I am here to help you if you ever need me, I really appreciate the work you do..

  2. That would be wonderful and we will definitely keep in touch. Sometimes, it’s an immediate crisis and knowing that someone like you can help, would be great. Can you send some photos and other information such as direct email, phone, address, and a veterinary reference?

    Many many thanks and happy holidays.


  3. Dear Terry,
    Thank you for your message and your kind offer. What kind of experience do you have and are you able to send us veterinary and other references? We just might need to place some horses soon. Many, many thanks.


  4. Janet, I have had and been around horses my whole life,(Im 53yrs old) I have mini donkeys now. I have in the past raised a mustang colt and broke her, although I dont do any breaking now(I dont bounce like I used to ) but can get ground work done, I will get in touch with my vet and horse shoer and see if they will write me some references, I would be more then happy to have a few horses here as I have about 10 bales of hay(big rounds) that I would like to use as my donkeys are not going to eat that much by summer, I have someone hay my place so I should have more hay to cut this summer.. what other type of references would you like?? just let me know and I will gladly get them for you… You are more then welcome to send someone out to look at my place too, if you know anyone in the circle area feel free to contact them and inquire about me… Terry

  5. Hi I am katlyn and I had some questions. I have a small quaterhorse who I got two years ago and have not been able to get her back into healthy conditions. Its not due to lack of nutrition because I have four other horses who are in great condition so I was just wondering if you had any tips for me. Any tips would be helpful

  6. do you have pics of your horses? I think it’s wonderful what you do. We lost our Arabian Buddies a couple of yrs ago and are thinking of caring for two. I am older now and can’t ride for too long. I love the ground work and grooming and all the other care that goes to these wonderful animals. We have two closed stalls with waterers and feeders and rubber floor mats and an excellent farrier who comes every 8 weeks. I’m an artist and do a lot of equestrian paintings. I can’t seem to manage my life without these wonderful animals.
    Sincerely, Carol C.

  7. Hello, im looking for a place for my two older horses to live out their lives, please let me know if you take horses in or know someone that does… thank you

  8. I saw you may be in need of people to shovel stalls. I was wondering where you are located and how much you pay? I am in Missoula.

  9. Hello, i am moving to Roundup Montana in the spring and i am interested in adopting a draft or a mini. Can you help?
    Can you tell me how far you are from Roundu?

  10. Hi, my name is Haley and I came across your page today and I’m really interested in your rescue work. I’ve owned a wonderful horse for the past 5 1/2 years and did everything from trail riding to showing her. However at this time in my life, I no longer have the time or more importantly the resources to give her the care she needs. I’m wondering if there is anyway you could find the best home for her?

  11. Hi Haley
    Can you send me some photos and more information about your horse and where you are located and how to contact you?

    How old is she? How tall? Breed? Any issues? Training details? Suitable for what level of rider?

    Many thanks.

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