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rafter pasturePermanent residents of Horse Haven Montana are horses who we have committed to caring for permanently and for whom adoption is not a good option.  These are horses with great limitations, unique issues or difficulties that would make adoption a significant challenge.  Yet they are animals who have every right to enjoy life to the fullest and to live out their natural years in comfort, care, TLC and yes, love.  We feel it becomes our responsibility, in these few cases to care for these animals in perpetuity.  While we are not a sanctuary, we do commit to “forever” care for a few animals at a time, in the best ways possible.

For this reason, we have begun a Sponsor a Horse program.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.  When you sponsor a horse, your donation goes to support hay, special senior feeds or supplements, which many of these oldsters need, veterinary care and special farrier care.  Any and all support is welcome and appreciated. Throughout the year, we will send you updates, photographs and special memories shared with your sponsored horse.  If you would like to make an annual donation or a recurring monthly contribution, any and all support are very helpful.  And we are very grateful.  Now meet the horses who call Horse Haven home

Stormy:  Retired from the USFS equine program, Stormy is as gentle and kind as he is tall.  A 20-something TWH, Stormy was a hard-working guy who toted folks around the backcountry.  No matter whether you knew how to ride or not, Stormy was the best dude horse the agency had at one particular district.  When Stormy couldn’t keep weight on and was showing his age, the agency had a choice of giving him away or euthanizing him.  One of the agency volunteers was going to adopt this fine old gentleman but decided at the last minute, he was just “too old.”  When we heard about his plight and saw his soft, kind eyes, we just could not say no.  Today, Stormy is the tallest man on the ranch, getting lots of senior feed (expensive :), and enjoying his pasture retirement.

Apache:  Also a Walker, Apache is 25 years old and he has seen the country…originally from Tennessee, we understand that Pach, as I like to call him, was once a show horse.  But the old tradition of soring their feet took somewhat of a toll on Apache and we have to ride him very very lightly, mostly at a walk and keep his feet well cared for.  He’s doing great and looking great but as a “wind sucker,” we are experimenting with special supplements to support his digestive and immune systems and keeping a close watch on his daily needs.  Apache is another sweetheart of a horse and a pure joy to be around.

Shadow (coming soon):  Several months ago, we got a call about this beautiful, black horse.  Not too big, badly neglected, he finally, after years of abuse and living a solitary existence, a wonderful young woman freed him from his literal bondage.  But he is one mouth too many to feed and we were asked to help by taking him in.  One look at his eyes and knowing his history of neglect and abuse, we could not say no.  While he may one day be available for adoption, that is something far in the future and for now, we will need to help him gain weight, gain trust and learn what it means to be a loved horse.

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