EQUUS International Film Festival®

The next EIFF will be held November 9-11, 2018

Call for Entries Is Open Now Through August 15, 2018

EIFF was the first international event of its kind

The first media event that is all equine-focused,
an international film festival and equine conference

If your interests are equine-related, this event is reaching
thousands of people worldwide

If you would like to learn more, participate, enter a program, film or other form of media, or want to suggest a special presenter or presentation, as well as sponsor and support this outreach project of Horse Haven Montana, please contact us.

Please Note:  We are actively seeking individuals with an equine background to serve on our advisory board. In particular, if you have experience planning large events, developing sponsorships, have an expertise in web, creative services or other types of equine-related expertise, please email us with a brief cover letter and bio outlining your interests and background.  At this time, this is a voluntary role.

Thank you!

Mission: To promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of equines through excellence in film, television and other media
To promote education and understanding of the equine/human bond
& to improve the welfare of the horse

To learn about becoming involved with EIFF, as a Filmmaker, Speaker, Presenter;
to learn about Sponsorship Opportunities, to be a Participant or to obtain other kinds of information please contact us:
EQUUSINTERNATIONALFILMFESTIVAL@gmail.com or  jrt@montana.com


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