Horse Haven Montana established the Lease/Learn/Love program to enable horses assessed and approved for this program, to be connected with individuals and families while remaining under the primary care and responsibility of Horse Haven. 

This is a valuable and rewarding program for the horses and for children, teens, seniors, and others who simply want to experience the joy of caring for and connecting with a horse, learning from or giving to, without having full responsibility of ownership.  This enables an individual or family to learn about caring for a horse, horse ownership, and building the ever important relationship with a horse (or two) without being required to make a long-term commitment.  We believe that the exercise, enrichment, interaction and engagement of the horse’s mind and body add to the horses’ well-being. It is equally beneficial and rewarding for the individual or family that wants to experience horses and horsemanship but is unable to own their own horse at this time.

New Friends #1

Through this program, individuals and families get a feel for horse ownership while being able to care for and spend time with the horse or horses. Our goal is to ensure the best possible care, attention and engagement for each horse — safety, health, and excellent care.  The monthly donation fee to participate in the Lease/Learn/Love Program is $250 and there is a two-month minimum commitment. Currently, there are several horses to make the right match for this program and for the New Beginnings Program as well. We have an application that we are happy to send if you provide your email address. Thank you!

Maverick #3

We maintain a current list of horses eligible for this program. All horses are assessed and determined to be suitable for the program and are up to date on all veterinary and farrier needs, including vaccinations and worming.    HHMT maintains their care, oversight and legal responsibility.  The horses remain at our facilities but you will care for and interact with the horse selected in many ways as if he or she is your own.  How much time and energy you put into this relationship is entirely up to you. It will be under our supervision but you may consider the horse, part of your life. This is not a riding program – our focus is on the ground and your interaction with the horse is designed to be as safe as possible, as you build a relationship. Some of the horses come from difficult backgrounds and the central theme is a relationship. In some cases, the horse or horses may be available for adoption at a future time and under the right circumstances.


Our goal through this new program is to enhance education, and the meaning of horse ownership, while helping to keep horses who are in our care, engaged and exercised.  The Lease/Learn/Love Program gives individuals and families  an opportunity to enjoy a horse or horse ownership who may not be ready or able to make a long-term commitment.  If you are interested in learning more or being considered for this new program, please contact us by phone, 406.880.0683 or by email:  Tell us a little bit about yourself, your goals as they relate to horses, your experience, if any and how much time you have to devote to the horse and program. We would also be delighted to send you an application.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!
Email Contact: or Mobile: 406.880.0683