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Horse Haven Montana is launching a new, experimental program that will enable horses who have been assessed and approved for this program, to be leased or loaned on a temporary basis to individuals and families (children, teens, seniors, trail riders, etc.) who have been pre-approved and who want to experience the joy of riding, caring for a horse, learning about horse ownership, and loving a horse but who may not want to or be able to make a long-term commitment.  We believe that the exercise, enrichment, and engagement of the horse’s mind and body will add to the well-being of the horses selected for this program, and it is beneficial for people who may want to experience horses but cannot own a horse at this time.

Apache 2Through this program, selected individuals and families will be able to use the horse at our facility or may wish to consider boarding at their own home or another boarding facility, if approved in advance by HHMT.  Our goal is to ensure the best possible care for each horse — safety, health, and excellent care.  There is a monthly fee to participate in this lease/loan/love program of $200 and it is a one-month minimum.

Maverick #3We will maintain a current list of horses eligible for this program and we will conduct a thorough pre-loan review if you are interested in participation.  All horses will be assessed and determined to be suitable for the program and will be up to date on all veterinary and farrier needs, including vaccinations, worming.    HHMT will maintain this care and oversight.

insideOur goal through this new program is to keep horses who are under our care, engaged and exercised, and to give people an opportunity to enjoy a horse or horse ownership who for whatever reason, may not be ready or able to make a long-term commitment.  If you are interested in learning more or being considered for this new program, please contact us by emailing the following:

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Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!
Email Contact: or Mobile: 406.880.0683