New Beginnings

NEW BEGINNINGS is a place for young people and on some occasions, adults, to build a bond with a horse with an eye towards a new beginning in life — a new chapter, a time to start over, an opportunity to reflect, to learn, to rebuild relationships.

It is an exciting new program that Horse Haven Montana has developed.  Not quite a therapeutic program but an equine assisted learning experience, that helps young individuals and adults to create, cultivate and be inspired by the unique relationship and partnership that can take place with horses.  It is called the equine/human bond.  In the case of New Beginnings however, most of our horses are rescue horses or equines that have come out of sometimes challenging backgrounds.  The relationship that they can build with a young person or an adult that may have come from an equally “challenged” environment, is often life changing.

And again – while not an official “therapy” program, some would say that the relationship we as humans develop with horses is therapeutic.  The relationship and interaction we have with a horse or mule, has a dramatic and positive impact on how we feel about ourselves and how we look at the world, how we communicate, and our own behavior, even when we are facing difficult or physical or mental challenges.

New Friends #1
Andy, learning to ride on his soon to be adopted horse Maverick

With specialized training in Equine Assisted Learning, also known as Equine Experiential Education, Horse Haven Montana will offer special sessions that pair youth with horses, helping to encourage the unique relationship that can be built between a big, strong animal like the horse and a young person.  Some of our horses come from a past that may include neglect, abuse, or some other less than positive life experience.  Some may simply find themselves in need of a new home.  The same may be true for a young person or an adult.  But the relationship that we can build with a horse — non-judgmental, honest, based upon trust, leadership and non-verbal communication, can heal a lot of wounds.  From this unique human/animal relationship, incredible outcomes emerge.  As members of the Equine Experiential Education Association, we are committed to this unique partnership and relationship process. The individual sessions between a horse and youth and on some occasions working in small adult or youth groups, will have a fee associated with them.  As foundations, grants and individual donations grow, we hope to keep the fees for participation as low as possible.  Eventually, we hope to offer scholarships in order to make the program as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

If you would like to learn more about the program, plan to participate or donate to support New Beginnings, part of a nonprofit organization, Horse Haven Montana, please contact us by email or or call 406-880-0683.  Donations can be made online through Paypal or by check to:

Horse Haven Montana
New Beginnings
PO Box 599
Frenchtown, MT  59834 


Horse Haven Montana founder/director Janet Rose is proud to be a member of the Equine Experiential Education Assn. and trained in Equine Assisted Learning.