Huson, Montana—A Montana-based Equine Rescue & Adoption organization, Horse Haven Montana, primarily serving the western United States, has been awarded a special equine fund grant from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to help horses in need.

The equine grant will enable Horse Haven Montana to add additional pasture space to care for rescues who need to be quarantined or separated from others due to illness, gender, age or infirmity, and will enable Horse Haven Montana to expand its efforts.  As part of the grant, Horse Haven Montana will also add an additional source of water to the new pasture area.   ASPCA Equine specialists visited Montana this past summer, met with a Horse Haven Montana volunteer and met one of the adoption horses.

According to Janet Rose, founder and director of Horse Haven Montana, “this grant will enable us to respond to the growing need — people who have to give up their horses or find new homes for them who feel they can no longer care for them.  When a situation warrants, we need to be able to go in and rescue a horse in need.  Increasingly, the situation we face is a crisis that requires an immediate response.   With this grant, we will be able to respond more effectively.”

“Sometimes,” adds Rose, ”the situation requires immediate action.  With a recent adoption for example, the alternative would have been euthanasia if we could not take the horse.  The horse was not in pain but required special feed and care that the owner could no longer provide. Being able to respond quickly with the space and resources he needed was vital.

The mission of Horse Haven Montana is Education & Understanding to Enhance the Equine/Human Bond & To Improve the Welfare of the Horse.

The mission of the ASPCA® Equine Fund is to provide support for those rescuing America’s at-risk horses and donkeys of all sizes.