Alexis Natural Cowgirl Learning Balance on Apache
At this unprecedented time, more horses and mules are in need than ever before.  This is also true for people but for many, the horse is a person’s last link to a life they once knew.  This makes rescue and adoption more important than ever.  For every horse or mule we can provide a home for, we are also helping their human who can no longer care for them.

As long as we can keep going, we are committed to the process and thanks to generous public support by individual donors as well as foundations, we can keep doing what we do.  Unfortunately, many of the horses who come into our care, also have special needs – for senior feed, veterinary care, additional supplements, expensive treatment of teeth and hooves.  But every donation helps and goes a long way toward caring for these animals if and until a permanent home can be found.

Andy, learning to ride on his soon to be adopted horse MaverickAt this time of great need by all, when job losses are soaring and resources are limited, we must set our sights on the future – how to accomplish our goals of caring for equines in need and helping owners find a safe haven for the animals they’ve loved.  How do we find the right, best homes for every horse and mule in need and provide the best home, for the right horse and the right person?  That is our goal – get the animal into a safe haven and then find that horse or mule the best possible, permanent home.

We hope you will be part of our present and our future!  We hope you will support our programs such as New Beginnings and Lease/Learn/Love.   Through Lease/Learn/Love, you can learn about a horse, connect with and care for a horse a month at a time and see how it feels, gain experience, confidence and understanding.  You are helping to support our efforts and you are giving one of the rescue horses the TLC that he or she needs and benefits from.

The New Beginnings program is now getting underway, and your support at this time will help us achieve our goal of not ever having to turn away a young person who can benefit.  Among our greatest needs:

 *Funding for scholarships to provide to children and teens.

 * Your gift can be earmarked to the horses or to the children.

 *For the horses, it means ensuring that they are up to date on all of their veterinary needs, nutritional requirements, hoof and farrier care.

Any donation of any amount is always much appreciated.  For the children, a charitable contribution can be put towards helmets for the children and teens, proper shoes if the children cannot afford them, as well as scholarships and transportation funding so that youth who want to participate, can, without concern for cost.

 *Volunteer Stipends:  We encourage trained volunteers and being able to offer these wonderful individuals, small stipends to cover transportation – gas and mileage, will go a long way toward that.

To donate, please click on the PayPal link on our homepage — this is a secure link.  Or you can send a personal check made out to Horse Haven Montana, and mail to:

Horse Haven Montana, PO Box 599, Frenchtown, MT  59834.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and  all contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  Our IRS Tax I.D.# is: 26-0643827.  Thank you!

Dutchess Molly Mule and JR

Circles needs a forever home!